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Re: Application Template [Updated]

Postby Øreo » Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:47 pm

Control C + Control V for easyness
Code is there so when you post it looks perfect

What are we looking for?

• Dedication.
• Fast reactions and being able to keep yourself alive, while doing your job at the same time.
• The appropriate gear
• Previous experience, the more the better.
• Understanding of your class/spec and general game mechanics.
• Access to Mumble.
• Being able to vocally express your thoughts and ideas as well as adding important inputs during encounters in a short and appropriate way.

When it comes to attitude, we expect you to be focused, friendly and full of team spirit, being highest on Recount won’t help the raid if you don’t do your job properly.

Code: Select all
[color=#FF0080][b]Personal Info[/b][/color]
[color=#C0C0C0][u]Name: [/u][/color]
[color=#C0C0C0][u]Age: [/u][/color]
[color=#C0C0C0][u]Gender: [/u][/color]
[color=#C0C0C0][u]Nationality: [/u][/color]

[color=#FF0080][b]Character Info[/b][/color]
[color=#C0C0C0][u]Character name: [/u][/color]
[color=#C0C0C0][u]Race: [/u][/color]
[color=#C0C0C0][u]Class & spec: [/u][/color]
[color=#C0C0C0][u]Battlenet link: [/u][/color]
[color=#C0C0C0][u]Warcraftlogs ( Run LFR/Flex if you don't have any logs ):[/u][/color]
[color=#C0C0C0][u]Screenshot of your UI: [/u][/color]

[color=#C0C0C0][u]Are you available during Mythic raiding times (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday [4 days] 19:45-23:15)?: [/u][/color]
[color=#C0C0C0][u]How much time do you plan to invest in this game? [/u][/color]

[color=#C0C0C0][u]Computer and Internet connection Info(a working microphone is mandatory): [/u][/color]

[color=#C0C0C0][u]Which raid related addons are you using?: [/u][/color]

[color=#C0C0C0][u]Please explain your current spec choices: [/u][/color]

[color=#C0C0C0][u]Do you have any noteable alts?: [/u][/color]

[color=#C0C0C0][u]Tell us about the history of your character(s): [/u][/color]

[color=#C0C0C0][u]What would you bring to our raids?: [/u][/color]

[color=#C0C0C0][u]Tell us about your previous guilds: [/u][/color]

[color=#C0C0C0][u]Reasons for leaving your most recent guild?: [/u][/color]

[color=#C0C0C0][u]What do you expect from Replicant?: [/u][/color]

[color=#C0C0C0][u]Do you have any friends in Replicant?: [/u][/color]

See post below for more details posts without a UI screenshots are not to be taken serious.
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BEFORE YOU APPLY: What we want to see in a UI screenshot!

Postby Ryewicce » Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:24 pm

Here's an example of what we want to see in a UI screenshot. Now, everything might not be there in my screenshot since this is from a healer point of view but I pointed out the most important things.

All in all, show anything relevant to raiding. A couple of example below:
* Threat meter
* Boss Mods (BigWigs/DBM etc)
* Action bars
* Raid frames
* Combat text
* Key bindings
Huge plus if you explain any class specific or cool addons you might have!

Key bindings are a must and it's important to figure out what fits you. There is no good reason to not be binding everything or at least most of your spells/abilities even if you might think so.
Take a look at the thread below:
http://elitistjerks.com/blogs/yes/207-h ... art_i.html

Also a quote from that thread:
The point of a good keybinding is that you reflexively and very quickly are able to accomplish an action. No one is a special flower that does not need to use keybindings.

If you are unable to take a screenshot in a raid, take a screenshot within a battleground and use paint to show us where the rest is!

Main reason is to make sure things aren't in the way! As you can see from my example screenshot here, I get a clear view of the screen and I am able to see what I need to see as well. This isn't perfect though, of course.
Important to note about above screenshot:
It's showing where stuff is located, not only that the addons are there.

I hope this information helps when you are creating your application to join Replicant. Good luck!

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