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outlaw rogue

Postby rezpls » Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:45 pm

Personal Info

Character Info
Character name: rezplx
Class & spec:outlaw rogue
Battlenet link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/e ... plx/simple
Warcraftlogs ( Run LFR/Flex if you don't have any logs ):
Screenshot of your UI:2 screenshots: 1st is for addons (keybindings not shown)
2nd picture just for the keybindings http://imgur.com/a/IPmSc

Are you available during Mythic raiding times (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday [4 days] 19:45-23:15)?: Yes
How much time do you plan to invest in this game? Enough to be prepared for the current content and ready for the following. Meaning that i will be ready no matter waht we do.

Computer and Internet connection Info(a working microphone is mandatory): Stable internet connection perfect computer and functioning communication devices.

Which raid related addons are you using?: Mainly dbm skada and omen.

Please explain your current spec choices: Well outlaw was the way to go i currently i have assasination as offspec yet i have really put effort on it. Outlaw is the most fun of the 3 at the current meta. It has the basic abilities but there is also the rng from the dices and if you get lucky you pretty much win XD

Do you have any noteable alts?: Not yet. I am currently leveling my priest and my hunter.

Tell us about the history of your character(s): Well I dont play the same chars per expansion. Meaning that in every expansion i play something different. I made this rogue at pandaria played it very little though. I had some fun with this character during WoD but my main was unholy dk back then so i just did lfr and easy staff with the rogue. Other than that I played prot warrior at vanilla, disco priest at tbc, shadow priest during wotlk and unholy dk at wod. I didnt play much during cata and panda because i was terribly busy with uni and jobs plus I didnt like the xpansions that much.

What would you bring to our raids?: Well, i dont want to raid just for the loot and the progress but also to meet new people make new friends and join a community bases around the game we like. During the raids i want to bring my full attention and commitment to the schedule and generally to what is going on.

Tell us about your previous guilds: Well i havent really been in a serious guild with this character. Right now i am at Bldes of Glory which is a new guild currently recruiting but not nearly close to what i am looking for. They are at the very beggining of a new guild during a new xpansion and that never ends up well especially after the first raid tries.

Reasons for leaving your most recent guild?: I am hoping to leave my current guild to join this one. And what i said before about previous guilds.

What do you expect from Replicant?: Like I said i expect a strong community based on the game we love to play.

Do you have any friends in Replicant?: Not yet :(
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Re: outlaw rogue

Postby Fefo » Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:48 am

Replicant is currently trying to set up a more casual raiding experience. If you are looking for a serious mythic progres guild, than Replicant cannot offer you this at the moment. If you stil want to join for some normals/heroics (and later on mythics perhaps), you can add me (Gorantia#2891). Thanks for your application :)
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Re: outlaw rogue

Postby rezpls » Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:14 pm

I am ok with casual raiding. I added u btw its argekomader#2965 in case u have multiple adds. Cu online
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