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Replicant - EU The Maelstrom
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Time's were rough right before the end of The Burning Crusade, our heroes were in a guild devided. The people that wanted end game against casual players that hopped along. We struggled to keep it together and decisions had to be made. Our all Dutch guild Boer Zoekt Vrouw ended, and Replicant was formed.

Wrath of the Lich King
At the beginning of The Wrath of The Lich King we were mainly a social guild, levelling together and helping each other out. Once we hit level 80 we explored dungeons together and acquired lots of new members.

When Naxxramas unlocked we ventured into the 25 man version, and quickly downed Kel'Thuzad. We were suprised to find out how good we did. But most importantly we had loads of fun doing so. Soon we became one of the best progressing Alliance guilds killing Sartharion +3 drakes.

When Ulduar came out we had a rough time keeping up with the other Alliance and Horde guilds. Progress came, but slowly. Too slow for many and we lost lot's of members to other, more progressed, guilds. Still our raiding core stuck in there, hoping for better times. Our patience was tested to the limit but we came through. With a lot of new recruits we finally killed Yogg-Saron, which was an achievement on itself.

Then, the days of easier epics came to light and the gap between raiding gear and casual gear got smaller. This meant it was easier for us to get new, sufficiently geared recruits.

Lot's of new players came to us in Trial of the Crusader, and lot's left. It felt like we were gearing half the server. With new recruits coming in, getting gear, and then leaving again. We made a ton of enemies, but also friends, in different Alliance guilds.

In the end we came out stronger then before.

Getting a good start in Icecrown Citadel was important to us, and we did get a good start. Alas, the task of running the guild had taken it's toll on �reo, and after serving as our Guild Master for so long, the torch was passed to Dfault.

Our new Guild Master Dfault brought a breath of fresh air to the guild. Though we still struggeled to fill raids on some days, and had some core members leave us. This problem was solved however, when a group of dedicated players joined our ranks.

With new leadership, and bolstered core and our older members more motivated than ever, we cut through Icecrown Citadel. Quickly we made our way through the normal encounters and are now working our way through heroics, with similar results. Once again claiming the #1 position for Alliance guilds.

The Cataclysm
With a very rough start in Cataclysm due to the loss of most of our healers within 3-4 weeks, we had to rebuild our healer-team when the progressing in BWD/BoT/ToTFW already started. This huge withdrawal of players resulted in relatively bad progress in the first raiding tier of Cataclysm. As Replicant we were used to always compete with the top guilds, nevertheless on the first raiding tier our progress was disappointing. 

With extensive recruiting and managing of the guild, we were able to stabilize the guild in Firelands. Even though the realm recruitment was low, we still got enough players from other realms to keep raiding. Firelands was pretty successful compared to the first raiding tier unfortunatly we did not manage to clear the content (1% Ragnaros pre-nerf). We wanted more to asure the last raiding tier was completed.

In Dragon Soul we had a hard time on Warlord Zon'ozz, which was on 25M one of the hardest encounters we encountered in The Cataclysm. After we managed to bring down Warlord Zon'ozz, all the other bosses followed soon after. With Clearing DS on 8/8Hc on 25M, we reached our goal and the summer holidays kicked in. However, in the Mists, Pandaria is waiting. 

Mists of Pandaria
It was hard to stabalize the guild on Bloodfeather-EU and to ensure we had a good start in MoP. We knew what we were signing up for, nevertheless, it was impossible to keep a progressive 25M heroic guild alive on a decent level on that realm. That's why the whole guild decided to move to The Maelstrom-EU. We rebuild the guild on The Maelstrom in a better and more challenging environment and it felt like we are playing a MMO again. Throne of Thunder was a succesful tier for us, even though our expectations were low because of the recent realm switch, the tier turned out to be a pleasant suprise. Our raiding team got stronger and positively developed in the tier. Ending up with a decent worldrank in the first tier on a new realm.

Siege of Orgrimmar was the final tier of the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Our preperations were good for the tier and we started of good.
However, with a tank leaving at the last couple of bosses still up we had a slight setback. Fighting back with an improved roster we still salvaged a decent rank. Because most of the players did not feel the need to continue raiding after more than 3 months clearing on Heroic and some players going a different direction, we decided to take a break from raiding untill Warlods of Draenor presents itself.

Warlords of Draenor
With a new expansion waiting and with new challenges ahead, Replicant will raid again for clearing content on the highest difficulty within a reasonable amount of time.
This will be the fifth expansion Replicant will raid in and with seven years of raiding history.